Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Leak and destroy

Haven't updated this thing in a hot minute, school, work and "real life" occupying a lot of my time right now. On the subject of "work", here's a thing inspired by the foulest customer I've ever had. (click to embiggen)

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Never has a face, sunken, worn and dehydrated like the mudflap on a Mars rover, oozed such vile secretions. Never have dollar bills so moist with disease been passed over a counter to my trembling, fearful hands. Her hair rose in colorless tufts. I could not wash my hands fast enough.

Am I a bad person for mocking customers? Probably.


Citizens and visitors of Los Angeles, my first comic zine See Sick #1 is NOW AVAILABLE at Amoeba Records in Hollywood!!! Drop by at 6400 W. Sunset Boulevard and pick one up for $1!! In THIS economy!

And peeps of San Diego, THIS is tomorrow night:
Believe it!!! Freaknasty jams courtesy of Randy Chiurazzi,  DJ Freakmonsterpussysauce layin down all the sounds to move that thing you were previously sitting on, and art by Found Pieces and OMG MYSELF!!!  As if you don't go to Whistle Stop every other goddamn night anyway! 


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