Friday, December 24, 2010

Tell her about it

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Tell her ALL your *crazy dreams*!!!

What level of "crazy" do you think Billy Joel has in mind here? Because I've had some pretty crazy dreams. Like the one about Abe Lincoln assassination footage turning the projector light to blood, or the one where I was alone in an abandoned gas station at night, and saw my reflection in the store window, and realized my face was rotting off in pieces. Should I Tell Him About It? Do I have to tell him ALL my crazy dreams?? And EVERYTHING I feel? Goddamn I have a lot of telling to do, I'd better brush AND floss.


  1. How do you even know about Billy Joel? I was a kid when he was on MTV. Ha Ha Awesome

  2. I know a lot of stuff, I guess. Unless you're asking if I know him personally, which I don't.