Thursday, December 30, 2010

Drag squirrel / Mummy fart

I was off work today and spent most of it in bed with a face full of disease. Luckily, my right hand still works so I leaned over far enough to grab my sketchbook and pencil pouch, and did this:

Drag squirrel is kinda naked so she's probably doing laundry. Or she's French. Either way, she's cracked open a nice tasty nut.


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And for something a little different, here's a glimpse at the wondrous, mysterious, magical world of my creative process. A page from my sketchbook that no one gets to look at, ever!!!  
I started out sketching an angsty mummy surrounded by funerary jars trying to put himself back together, but this happened instead:

Yeah, that's right, I need an entire page to work out what a mummy fart looks like. At least I know exactly what they sound like: "PUH".

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