Thursday, December 30, 2010

Drag squirrel / Mummy fart

I was off work today and spent most of it in bed with a face full of disease. Luckily, my right hand still works so I leaned over far enough to grab my sketchbook and pencil pouch, and did this:

Drag squirrel is kinda naked so she's probably doing laundry. Or she's French. Either way, she's cracked open a nice tasty nut.


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And for something a little different, here's a glimpse at the wondrous, mysterious, magical world of my creative process. A page from my sketchbook that no one gets to look at, ever!!!  
I started out sketching an angsty mummy surrounded by funerary jars trying to put himself back together, but this happened instead:

Yeah, that's right, I need an entire page to work out what a mummy fart looks like. At least I know exactly what they sound like: "PUH".

Friday, December 24, 2010

Tell her about it

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Tell her ALL your *crazy dreams*!!!

What level of "crazy" do you think Billy Joel has in mind here? Because I've had some pretty crazy dreams. Like the one about Abe Lincoln assassination footage turning the projector light to blood, or the one where I was alone in an abandoned gas station at night, and saw my reflection in the store window, and realized my face was rotting off in pieces. Should I Tell Him About It? Do I have to tell him ALL my crazy dreams?? And EVERYTHING I feel? Goddamn I have a lot of telling to do, I'd better brush AND floss.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Where the love light gleams

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Sharpies, man. You get out the sharpie, you're bound to go wrong somewhere. Like weird shade-y sort of marks that you immediately realize look like shit.  But you know what, I don't use a tablet. I'm not drawing via computer. I use pen, pencil, and paper (and sometimes marker). If I fuck up, I fuck up. No "undo" button. And I spent a few hours drawing this, and I still think it's rad for the most part.  Even if I went really far out of my way to avoid drawing hands. It's still alright.
That's LIFE, kids.

And christmas in about 4 days. okay.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pineapple with deer legs

Part of my childhood was tripping over deer parts on the front lawn at 7am on my way to the school bus. By "lawn" I mean the clearing mowed around our trailer, which was in the woods. Whatever didn't go in the freezer got tossed on the lawn for our coyote-dog Rip to gnaw on. Head, legs, rib cage, tail, etc. If it got warm during deer season, the stench of death from the scattered carcass would be overpowering. I learned a lot about death as a kid. 

Now I live somewhere with sand beaches, that's sunny 360 days out of the year, and where everyone is a "model".

Monday, December 13, 2010

I asked the bartender to put an umbrella in my 7-Up, he grabbed one from the lost and found

I'm not sure anymore why I don't drink. I've always hated the taste. Like something that shouldn't be in my mouth. It tastes like when someone's varnishing their floors and you walk in with your mouth open. I guess I'm not totally against the idea of drinking, though. It must be nice to relax sometimes. I also really like the sound of a can being opened. I bet opening a whole bunch of cans in a row must be really satisfying in and of itself. And then stomping them flat, and making a few pennies when you recycle them.

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See Sick #1 is DONE

It's a zine! The stapled-paper kind. You can touch it with your hands! You can turn the pages without clicking a button! You can use it in an electrical storm and the battery will never die! I know, I know, I'm sort of a magician.  But I'm the good kind. I'll even let you have my zine for $1.50! With the rising costs of photocopying and stamps these days, it's a steal! 

 cool! You are all so rad. I love you.

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